Here it is!  I’m so happy to share Re-Covered here, published this week. I’m also thrilled to be included in Enchanted Conversation again, and to be part of this line-up of wonderful writers!

Without further ado!

Re-Covered-GAINES-Art by Amanda Bergloff
Art by Amanda Bergloff

The king had stood naked and vulnerable before his people. The only person who acknowledged the exposure was a small child, and he was quickly hushed. There were rumors that to directly look upon a member of the noble family would render one a fool, or blind, or unfit for service; it would cause one’s deepest shame to be revealed, would cost one’s inheritance, or render one sterile and heirless. He exposed himself to them all.

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Counting down the days…

I am counting down the days until Re-Covered is up on Enchanted Conversations!  While hunkered down here as arms of Harvey bathe the city, I’m enjoying some good stories, in television, game, and written formats!  I’m also thinking of Houston, and especially thankful that my family has, so far, been safe and sound.  Sometimes there is nothing we can do but wait out the storm, and know that we will see the other side of it, but having a good story makes the waiting easier.

Here is one that it always gives me a thrill to listen to, John Soldier, read by Stuart Appleton (full disclosure, he’s also my dad).

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By Giovanni Aldini (Essai théorique et expérimental sur le galvanisme), via Wikimedia Commons

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A start

Art by Catrin Welz Stein; image used by permission of the artist

So here it is, a new beginning, a work in progress; I thought I would finally make a place to share some of my stories!

I’m so excited to have a new story, Re-Covered, appearing in Enchanted Conversation next week!  I will share a link here when it is available.

Some of my other stories are here, including John Soldier, a take on The Steadfast Tin Soldier as penny dreadful!