The first lesson of literature is that people survive – Shanna Peeples

Stories tell us that people survive. Not only survive, but come through ordeals stronger, wiser, better.

Though fairy stories are often relegated to the sphere of the nursery, they are more and more appropriately being reclaimed by the realm of the hearth, where old tales have been transmitted to convey both lifeways and meaning to the every day.

Many of my stories reflect on the traditional boundaries women have found their lives operating within, and their efforts to reclaim personal agency. Women, and other marginalized people, have long faced limited options and constraints on personal space and action, and every autonomous act or exercise of will becomes a resistance to those external forces, and asserts a small, additional pressure toward breaking down those barriers.

These tales are my contribution, as an Asian-American and as a woman, toward that ultimate pressure against, and resistance to, oppressive structures in every sphere.

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portrait 1 (2)
Photo: I. Jack Gaines

Kiyomi Appleton Gaines is a writer of fairy tales and other fantastical things. She is a Contributing Editor at Enchanted Conversation.  She lives in New Orleans with her husband, a one-eyed cat, and a snake.

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